Justice and Advocacy Ministry

Social justice is an important concern at Sojourners United Church of Christ.

Our Justice and Advocacy Ministry serves to to strengthen our covenant to be an active community committed to Racial Justice and LGBTQ Justice. Each member/friend of the congregation will serve as a steward of these congregational priorities. 

In our work as JAM, we consider the following:

How can we take action to enable systemic change? How can we examine the intersectionality of the oppression that impacts all of us.  AS PEOPLE OF FAITH, how do we answer, examine, and live out the following questions:

Theologically why are we doing this?

             Biblical text is the foundation for why we are doing this

             Why is this a justice issue?

             What can Sojourners do to help with this work?

             What can we do as a church to unpack the Christian church?

The framework for racial and LGBTQIA justice advocacy involves education, trainings, and advocacy actions. 

JAM meets monthly and attempts to cover ongoing and special/annual activities by designating a point person to act as the lead in facilitating communication and involvement.

Examples of areas members of JAM have served as lead/point person in the past:

   Cloud of Witness – weekly/monthly education/information as part of Sunday service  

   Gun Safety/Advocacy

   Open and Affirming (ONA) rep to Central Atlantic Conference

   Cville Pride Festival

   Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy – local chapter

   Union Hill /No Pipeline/Compressor Station

   Coming to the Table – local chapter

   Poor People’s Campaign – Virginia chapter

   Wednesday Witness for Justice

Book Discussions/Training

Movie Series

   Facebook updates/announcements

Immigrant Advocacy/Sanctuary

   Mama’s Day Bailout

   Women’s March – national/local

   World AIDS Day