Our Mission Statement

We are a self-governing congregation of seekers guided by the Scriptures and the Statement of Faith of the United Church of Christ. Together we strive to understand the workings of God’s spirit within us. We recognize that this understanding may be different for each individual. Yet, as many visions of God are joined together, our collective understanding can be stronger; our insight can be keener.

As witnesses to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we strive for truth, justice and peace in our community and nation, and in the world. To carry out this mission, we seek to grow in grace through worship, education, witnessing, service and stewardship.

Historically, not all seekers have been welcomed and valued equally by the Christian community. We embrace those who have already been welcomed into the Christian church. We also reach out to those who are not involved in a Christian community. We welcome and affirm those who have been wounded or accepted only conditionally in the past because of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or their physical, mental, spiritual, or economic conditions.

We work together to move beyond mere tolerance to a celebration of our diversity. We see this as an opportunity for better understanding of God’s unlimited love and following the example of Jesus Christ. To list human differences is to risk excluding someone. ALL ARE WELCOME. All are encouraged to participate in the full fellowship of the church. With God’s help, we will create a church family that affirms the priesthood of all believers, and in which all members use their gifts to minister to others.