No Accident

December 3rd, 2012 by MMiller

W.H. “Dawg” Strong

November 18, 2012

Contemporary Testimony:  “Miscellany” by Miriam Therese MacGillis

It is no accident that we’ve been born in these times, that we find our lives unfolding now, with our particular histories and gifts, our brokenness, our experience, and our wisdom. It is not an accident. In talking about the fate of the earth, we know that its fate is really up for grabs. There are no guarantees as to its future. It is a question of our own critical choices. Perhaps what we need most is a transforming vision, a vision that’s deep enough, one that can take us from where we are to a new place; one that opens the future up to hope. More than anything, we must become people of hope.

Biblical Testimony:                                  Mark 13:1-8

When they had left, a disciple said, “Wow!

Look at these buildings.  I do not know how

they could all be built.”

But then Jesus spoke,

“Each building will topple, each stone will be broke.”

“When will this happen and how will we know?”

they asked him.

“Be careful for there will be foes

who come in my name.  And there will be war.

There will be earthquakes and famine and more.

These are the birth pains.  Be on your guard.”