Table Generosity

August 9th, 2012 by MMiller

Rev. Dr. Melanie Miller

August 5, 2012

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Contemporary Testimony: from Grace at Table by Donna Schaper

Call me simple-minded. Call me a closet Christian…who is coming out, with vengeance towards none. Call me a person who has personally experienced the power of prayer, like when I had a mastectomy 11 years ago or got hit by a deer one year ago…Call me a foodie. Call me a multiplication table, and I don’t mean the math kind. I mean the kind that adds and forgets how to subtract, multiplies instead of dividing. Call me a persistent believer in spiritual solutions to material problems, particularly the one called hate-that-leads-to-hunger.

Biblical Testimony: Luke 9:10-17 from the Cotton Patch Gospels

Soon the disciples returned and described to him all that they had done. He took them and left privately for a city namedGriffin. The crowds found out about it, and followed him along the way. So he let them come to him and he was explaining to them the God Movement, and curing those who were sick. As the end of the day drew near, the Twelve said to him, “Dismiss the crowd, so they can go to the neighboring cafes and motels to find food and lodging, because there’s nothing around out here.” He said to them, “You all go ahead and feed them.” But they said, “Between all of us there’s no more than five boxes of crackers and two cans of sardines. Or do you mean that we should go and buy supplies for all this crowd?” (For there were about five thousand people.) “Tell them to sit down in groups of about fifty,” he said to his students. They did this, and everybody sat down. He then asked for the five boxes of crackers and the two cans of sardines, and when he had given thanks, he opened them and gave them to the students to distribute to the crowd. All ate and had plenty, and there were twelve trays full, left uneaten.