Social Justice at Sojourners

Social justice is an important concern at Sojourners United Church of Christ.

In the fall of 2017 Sojourners held a congregational meeting to consider two proposals. Both were adopted at that time.

First, we agreed that Sojourners “will dismantle all current social justice groups. Instead of the social justice groups, the congregation will adopt two ‘leading concerns,’ Racial Justice and LGBTQ Justice (UCC – Open and Affirming- ONA). A Justice and Advocacy Ministry will be formed to strengthen our covenant to be an active community committed to Racial Justice and LGBTQ Justice. Each member/friend of the congregation will serve as a steward of these congregational priorities.”  This ministry is also known by its nickname, JAM.

Second, we reached consensus on this proposal, that “the responsibilities of the Service and Missions Ministry be expanded and clarified so as to include funding distribution, outreach collections, and specific service and missional projects. Long standing involvements previously thought of as being part of the social justice groups (e.g., PACEM and Ojola) would become ministries that would be supported through the Service and Missions Ministry.” This ministry is still often referred to as SAM.