Christian Education

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Sojourners is a child-friendly community. Children are welcome to attend part, or all, of our worship services. There is a specially designated “Time with Children” offered year-round which typically consists of a time of sharing between the pastor and the younger children. For more information on any of the following programs, please contact our Director of Christian Education, Kathy Doby, by email or phone  (434-977-1481).

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Nursery Care

This is provided for infants up to 4 year olds, year round.


Children and Youth

Kids learning about Ojola

This summer we have an intergenerational service the first Sunday when the children join us in worship. On the fourth Sunday we offer Music Sunday, a chance for all the children to have fun with music and rhythm, to learn new songs and to practice the songs to be presented in church.  On other Sundays children learn  from adult Sojourners about something they love, like poetry, photography or a favorite story. Our youth also have one Sunday a month when they have a time outside of worship for fellowship, playing and serving together.

Backs of two girls side by side watching river

Kids at Pride Picnic

Two girls petting puppy in church entryway


We’re known to have an Easter egg hunt…Jackson & Allison Easter 2016

Manns Easter 2016

Lindsay and baby in raingarden 10.17.15Kids in fish

In July 2015 the kids came up with a great list of reasons they love God. It’s too good not to share.

kids answers part 1kids answers part two

Many Sojourners combine their talents and enthusiasm to put on the Christmas pageant annually. Some years we incorporate live animals into the Nativity story and sometimes favorite stuffed animals are selected to do their part. It’s always one of the year’s highlights.

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Angels for Christmas pageant


Pageant with artwork

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Renovated Sunday School Space

In 2014 a few inspired Sojourners volunteered their time and talent  to create a new Sunday School space on the lower level.