Lenten Collection Drive

IN LENT we take time to think about the basics of our faith and of our lives.  You may be thinking about some of your own material and spiritual gifts, which we all sometimes take for granted.  

And what could be more basic than underwear?  Folks in our community who are homeless are in need of some real basics like undershirts and cough drops.  

A white bag with drawstrings

SAM asks you to express your gratitude this Lenten season by generously donating a few basics to clients at The Haven: underwear (men’s briefs, size large or XL); undershirts (men’s L or XL in white, black, gray, or navy); nail clipperscough drops; men’s deodorant.    Handy acronym: UCC + D!

The Haven prefers to receive these items in bulk so that Haven’s volunteers can repackage them as needed by individual clients.  So for your own convenience in shopping, you may choose to purchase several of one item rather than navigate the whole store, collecting all items.

Or you may give money to Bev Seng or to Jeanine Beiber, who will make purchases on your behalf.  

We will be collecting for The Haven until the Sunday after Easter, April 16.

Thank you for your generosity, Sojourners.