Easter banners



Thanks to Hannah Garrity for our beautiful Easter banners pictured here.

“For our embodied theme this Lenten season, Lauren Wright Pittman designed our Coloring Calendar layout. I wanted to tie the banner in with her original layout. Moving clockwise from the upper left, the images represent mind, body, heart, and soul. Creating a mid-tone in the mind quadrant, a gear pattern fills the space. It represents the continual processing of our thoughts. A pattern of various breads completes the body quadrant. The bread motif speaks to our Communion ritual wherein the body of Christ is illustrated by bread. This season we aim to use our bodies as part of our contemplative study. Our continual reflective journey is represented by diverse animal tracks inside the heart in the lower right. I imagined the footsteps of us all reflecting over a horizontal midline in the heart. Lastly, the soul permeates all other quadrants by appearing in the corners, just as God’s light within us glows in all aspects of our lives.”                                                                                                                               – Hannah Garrity

You can learn more about her work and these banners in particular at A Sanctified Art website: http://sanctifiedart.org/.